Mads Langer




最喜歡這首〈Last Flower〉,緩緩吟唱著,讓我一聽再聽。

It's in the way she fights her fears,
it's in the way she hides her tears from me.
It’s in her eyes I see the changes,
it's in the way she smiles so desperately.

Baby I know wherever you go, I'll always be with you.
Whatever may come, wherever we go, I'll always be with you.



The picture is clear and I'm still fact she's fiction
她活在幻想而我卻是現實。 acoustic ver.

〈Wake Me Up In Time〉

Please wake me up in time
Before I lose my mind.
I'm too far from home and all I know
Is it's too late to rewind
This crime.
請在我迷失以前喚醒我,我已離家太久,而時光無法倒流。 acoustic ver.


It's too late to sleep,
Too late to wake up.
I'm caught between - daylight and a dream.
來不及沉睡,也來不及清醒了,我陷在日光和美夢之間,不能上也不能下。 acoustic ver.

〈Remains Of You〉

The stars are falling like rain,
Crashing all around my head tonight.
And a dark sky is all that remains of you.
星子墜落如雨,在我身旁四濺,而黑夜,是你所遺留下的最後。 acoustic ver.

一個笑起來很甜卻似乎不愛笑的男孩。深愛音樂如自己的靈魂,Mads Langer。


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