The Hours【時時刻刻】

導  演: 史蒂芬戴爾卓(Stephen Daldry)
製  片: 羅勃福克斯(Robert Fox)
      史考特魯汀(Scott Rudin
編  劇: 大衛海爾(David Hare)
      原著麥可康寧漢(Michael Cunningham)普立茲獎得主
演  員: 妮可基嫚(Nicole Kidman)Virginia Woolf
      梅莉史翠普(MerylStreep)Clarissa Vaughan
      茱莉安摩爾(Julianne Moore)Laura Brown
      艾德哈里斯(Ed Harris)Richard Brown

Mrs. Dalloway said that she would buy the flowers herself.
                              – Virginia Woolf

It started with a river, and it ended with a river. What’s death? And what is life? Virginia said that death is we return to the place that we came from. But none of us remember where we came from.

If life has its purpose, and what is it? Is it to die? Is it to live? Is it to live for someone? Is it to live for yourself, your soul? And what if someday I wake up, and feel nothing for anything. What am I going to do? To die? To end my life?

Sometimes we do live for others, and sometimes we don’t. However, it’s easy to feel the huge emptiness inside you, once you realize that the part you stay alive for others is heavier than the part for yourself. And it was what Laura Brown’s facing. One day she woke up, and found herself lived in a circle of routine. Do the housework. Take care of her child. Wait for her husband to come home. She said, “They deserved it, didn't they?” At the age, men were heroes. They sacrificed themselves for the country, so that the women, the children, and the rest of all could live. So they deserved it. And what do the women deserve?
有那麼些時候,我們為了其他人而活著;而又有那麼些時候,我們不是為了他們而存。可,一但你醒悟到為了其他人而活的那一半,遠遠大於為自己而活的那一半時,巨大的空虛感不費吹灰之力便能將你擊倒。這就是Laura Brown的處境。某天,她一覺醒來,卻發現自己的生活不過就是日復一日的重複工作。打理家務、照顧孩子、等待丈夫下班返家。她說:「他們理當得到這些的,不是嗎?」在那個年代,男人就是英雄。他們為了國家犧牲自我,好讓女人、小孩、其他的那些人都能夠得到平靜的生活。所以這些是他們應得的。那,女人又有什麼是她們應得的?

The females are larger and less colourful. – Virginia Woolf

Laura had a house, a wonderful husband, a lovely boy, and a perfect family. Still, she was not happy. She loved her son, for sure, but that’s not enough for a soul. She needed to love her, herself, or the girlfriend, who she could never go across the line for. Her love and emotions and feelings could not support her life, and it’s slowly killing her. So she drove.

“What I want to say is that I owe all the happiness of my life to you. You have been entirely patient with me and incredibly good. Everything is gone for me, but the certainty of your goodness. I can't go on spoiling your life any longer. I don't think two people could have been happier than we have been.”

Lenard loved Virginia, without questions. He took her away from London, from the noise, the hustle and bustle so she could avoid the madness circling in her head. It’s out of love, but that’s not Virginia needed. Her husband’s care for her was pushing her to the edge of breakdown, and she had no place to run. It was this sacrifice that made Virginia think that she stole Lenard’s life. For her, everyone should have their own lives. Her death should be a release. It should free both of their souls.

“Mrs. Dalloway, it's you. I've stayed alive for you...but now you have to let me go.” –Richard Brown

She lives in now. She can love whoever she wants. She has a beautiful daughter, even though she doesn’t know who her father is. Clarissa Vaughan’s been nursing her ex-boyfriend for years; he loves her and she loves him; they both know that. But something’s missing. She does what seems to be happy for her, but she just can’t be. Her faked smile breaks at the moment she suddenly realizes that the feeling she owned, the best moment they owned, has gone away, and will never come back.
她活在現在。她可以愛她想愛的人。她有個美麗的女孩,雖然說她甚至不知道女孩的父親身分。Clarissa Vaughan照護著前男友好多年了;他愛她,她也愛他;他們都知道。可是,卻還是少了那麼點什麼。她做著會讓心情愉快的事情,不過,她就是快樂不起來。虛假的微笑在她突然明白,他們曾經有擁有過,最美好、最完美的時光再也無法倒流時,瞬間崩解了。那些時光早已遠走,而且不再回頭。

Richard, who she once loved most, now sees her life trivial. He sees through her, more than she would admit. Their lives are tied up; so do their souls. He kills himself to make her go, to make her move on. And he does it.

Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.

What does a woman need to make her life complete? What does a soul need to make it complete? What do we live for? Not for somebody’s wishes. Not for the expectation of the society. I should, and will live for someone or things I love, because as I do so, I live for me. Just me.

The hours.
The moments.
The ordinary ones are often the beautiful ones, and the solitary ones.


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